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Indian Advertising

This is a very short and condensed review of the vast number of impressions we received during our trip. Some of the samples presented here were shown to us during or visits to local agencies. Others were seen and pictured at the airport, in the streets, along the roadside, and so we have to apologize that in many cases we do not know the artists who created them.

There is a giant and rapidly growing consumer market in India, and the existence of many different cultures in the subcontinent has encouraged strongly condensed iconic messages that are easily understood over the barriers of different languages.

A large potential of skilled artists, many of them trained at the venerable Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai and other renowned art schools in India, is ready to be employed by the booming branch of the Indian advertising creative industries. With digital technologies adopted in India with some delay, classical skills of illustration and calligraphy are still present on a high level of quality.

English speaking advertising for major accounts in India has long been supervised by foreign creative directors using "global concepts" that were mainly copying a western style of living and did not gain much acceptance in India. But a few years ago, there was a creative revolution in India. Indian advertising started to develop its own unique and unmistakably Indian style, receiving much acceptance from their Indian target groups and from creative people all over the world.